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The Yaesu FTM-100DE is a two-band radio for 144/430 MHz which supports the new C4FM/FDMA digital mode.

The FTM-100DE enhances the range of products by Yaesu which follow the 'System Fusion' strategy. The mobile transceivers offer support for operation in FM (analog) and C4FM (digital) and thus eases the transition from analog to digital radio systems. Of course the "automatic mode switching" (AMS) system by Yaesu is used with the transceiver as well. This feature automatically switches from FM to C4FM on the reception of either signal, making it much simpler to operate with repeaters that support both modes. On transmit either the last heard or a fixed mode (FM, C4FM) is used.

Optically the most prominent feature is the bright and easy-to-read, monochrome (white) LC display. With a 160x40 dot matrix display and two colored indicators, the current operation status is always easily visible. The color indicators show FM or C4FM reception (green, blue) or transmission (red). The graphical display is really helpful when navigating the menu system. The FTM-100DE supports 500 memories per VFO (A/B), of course, each memory can be named and the name can be displayed instead of the frequency. In contrast to larger transceivers, the FTM-100DE supports only one receiver, so only one signal can be received at any given time. A dual watch feature allows to constantly monitor a second frequency and switch to that frequency on activity (SQL).

A GPS antenna required for navigation and APRS functions is already installed in the front panel. This lets you start with APRS operation right away, whether analog or digital. The FTM-100DE supports all known and required functions for standard APRS, this allows an easy interoperation with established systems worldwide. Various display modes show the direction and distance to a remote APRS station or offer a list view of APRS stations. Of course, the APRS message services and functions like SmartBeaconing are supported as well.

Despite the small size of the Yaesu FTM-100DE (140x45x160mm), the radio offers full 50W transmit power on 2m and 70cm. A diplexer is built in, so a dual-band antenna can be directly connected. A slot for microSD memory cards is available, it serves as a storage for memory channels, received digital data (images), etc. Please note that the camera microphone MH-85A11U can not be used with this transceiver. Included in the shipment is a 3m long separation cable for the display unit, optionally a 6m cable is available. Another option is the Bluetooth unit BU-2 which allows hands-free operation with a suitable BT headset. Another option for the FTM-100DE is the FVS-2, a voice memory and voice announcement unit for voice-supported operation of the radio. With the optional HRI-200 interface the operation of the "Wires-X" mode over the Internet is possible, for an extended explanation of the many functions please see the System Fusion brochure below. A wide band receiver nicely completes the capabilities of this mobile transceiver by Yaesu.

Features Yaesu FTM-100DE

  • Removeable display and control unit
  • 160x40 dot matrix LC display, white
  • 500 memory channels per VFO (A/B)
  • Storage of setup and memories on SD card
  • 1200/9600bps APRS
  • Automatic Mode Selection
  • Automatic Repeater Shift
  • Wideband receiver 108-999 MHz, AM reception from 108 to 137 MHz
  • Built-in GPS receiver
  • In-/output of GPS data
  • Smart Navigation
  • Scanner functions
  • Slot for one Micro-SD
  • Real-time clock (GPS based)
  • Display of operation voltage

Included in the shipment of the FTM-100DE is:

  • Main unit
  • Display/Control panel
  • 300cm separation cable
  • MH-48A6J DTMF microphone
  • Power supply cable
  • Operating Manual